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The Time-Honored Classic of American Food

Popular and Iconic American Food Dishes

For centuries Americans have been gathering to break bread with one another over some beers and barbeque. Although there are countless reasons why one should be proud to call themselves an American, American food probably takes the cake, literally. From burgers to fried ice cream, America’s food culture has a tight grip on millions of people’s taste buds. There are generations and generations of Americans coming together to celebrate good, hardy, and most of all classic American cuisine.

The origin of some of your favorite American grub might be right in your hometown! It is likely to some that the well-known hamburger was first thought up right in Texas! Although it is very simple to consider putting a piece of steak between two slices of bread, but we get the modern image of a hamburger from America’s 19th century rapidly industrializing society. This created a need for Americans to be able to take in all essential nutrients they needed for the day without spending a whole lot of time on their meal, which is why hamburgers often include other such nutrient rich foods like tomato, onion, and lettuce. This may also be why a hamburger is probably one of the easiest dishes to get your hands on, now a day, in America.

Another extremely renowned American bite is the famous barbeque ribs! You can find these beautifully glazed babies at almost any American restaurant, or any Fourth of July BBQ party. There is no arguing the authenticity of barbeque ribs and there is no way to deny their messy deliciousness. The rich origin of this dish dates back to pre-civil war!

Moving on to the sweeter side of American food, apple pie is another beautiful and flavorsome aliment that wants to graze your taste buds with its cinnamon-y and tart flavors! Although apple pies earliest origins are in fact from England, it is still holds a secure spot as one of America’s favorite dishes.

Swabbies on the River in Sacramento, Ca wants to sate your appetite and help you devour some of your favorite American food classics. The menu at Swabbies is filled to brim with famous dishes that are sure to please your taste buds. With dishes from burgers, pulled pork, Philly steaks, and hot dogs, there is a full chance you will leave not only full, but completely satisfied.

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