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Swabbie’s Weekday Specials

Come Down to the River to Enjoy Our Weekday Specials!

Dinner is an important meal that should not only serve up a satisfying and filling meal, but also great times with family and friends.  Sharing a meal with loved ones is something that should be special and enjoyed. More often than not, people forget the importance of partaking in a shared meal. Today many people will eat alone or in the company of television or their smartphone. Alongside the fact that studies prove eating with a group promotes healthy conversations, it also promotes healthier relationships and the building of new ones! Swabbies on the River located in Sacramento serves family friendly weekday specials that are not only delicious, but easy on the wallet with specials starting at $5.49!

Swabbie’s Monday special presents a marvelous, all-American classic dish – “Cheese Burger in Paradise.” This juicy burger can be ordered with a mixed drink of Crown Royal and Ginger beer!

On Tuesdays Swabbie’s invites you for Taco Tuesday! They suggest ordering a delightful dish of two tacos with your choice of either grilled chicken or shredded beef. Tuesday is also home to our $6 Raspberry Smirnoff Press cocktail special. This simple, yet fun course will be a perfect end-of-the-day treat.

Wednesday’s special features another great American classic – a good ol’ Western Burger that should be paired with two of Swabbies’ Catch of the Day tacos. The Wednesday special will not only pair well with, but calls for a Don Julio Margarita!

Every Thursday, the weekday special showcases meals perfect for any hardy, meat lovers out there.  A large Philly Cheese Steak and Pulled Pork Sliders will fit any hungry gang’s mood just fine. Swabbie’s recommended drinks to pair along with Thursday’s weekday specials; a Captain Morgan & Coke with the additional deal of all tall cans being five bucks!

Lastly, Friday’s plate is an option of two Fish or Shrimp Tacos or Shredded Chicken Sliders. These tasty, savory, and juicy choices partner well with the suggested drinks for a Friday Night; Captain Morgan Bay Breeze, 25oz Bud Cans, 24oz PBR cans or the Bartenders Choice Vodka with Flavored Red Bull!

Swabbie’s on the River showcases much more than just awesome weekday specials – it’s a great place to hang out with friends old and new. With perks like an outdoor venue facing the horizon, a view of the Sacramento River and live music there’s no reason why Swabbie’s shouldn’t be your first choice for a good time!

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