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Swabbies Drinks Menu

Enjoy a Refreshing Cocktail or Beer from the Swabbies Drinks Menu

It’s well known that Swabbies on the River is the place for having fun and enjoying great company. At any part of the day, Swabbies is ready to treat their guests to meal full of delicious food and satisfying service. One of the main attractions that guests love to indulge in is the absolutely enticing and tasty menu. The Swabbies menu ranges from hardy breakfast burritos to delectable Mahi Mahi Tacos to mouth-watering cheese burgers! And what better way to enjoy these meals than with a cold beer or cocktail from the Swabbies drinks menu.

For the guests who like to start their fun a little but more early than the rest of us, the brunch portion of the menu at Swabbies has got your back. The drinks served at breakfast time will have any guest at the edge of their seat wanting more. Any breakfast lover will know that one of the best things about being a brunch-goer is the endless mimosas. Swabbies Drinks Menu features Opera Prima Brut Champagne mixed with fresh orange juice which acts as a fresh, zesty, and easy going way to start the day! For the more burly type, pairing a hardy breakfast dish such as Swabbies’ “Cherrywood Smoked Bacon and Eggs” with a sweet and simple Irish coffee spruced up with Bailey’s is a great way to enjoy a mighty meal.

For the guests who prefer to enjoy that extra punch of fun during the mid-day, the Swabbies drinks menu has what you need. For lunch, dinner, or dessert you can enjoy yourself that extra punch of fun. Enjoy fruity cocktails, fresh and cold tall cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon, Captain Morgan mixed with coke, or for the sake of trying something new, you can request the bartender’s choice of vodka mixed with a flavored Red Bull. At Swabbies, anything goes! If you’re looking for fun, great food and great entertainment, then come on down for a trip to the river.


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