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Swabbies Breakfast Tacos

Now Serving Breakfast Tacos at Swabbies

Swabbies on the River, located in Sacramento has exciting things in store for their customers. With a menu already chalk full of delicious dishes and a brunch menu that’s savory and enticing enough to keep customers coming back, it comes as no surprise that Swabbies is upping the ante on their next featured breakfast meal. Swabbies is now serving breakfast tacos that is a fresh take on the traditional Mexican dish.

Swabbies breakfast tacos are a compiled medley of appetizing and savory ingredients that warrant a mouth-watering meal. All tacos are deliciously held together by Swabbies’ famous parmesan crusted taco shell. The first on the list of the new menu addition is called “Captain Ron’s”. This delectable combo consists of three eggs, patty sausage, and a cheese blend of American, cheddar, and jack. The classic breakfast mix will fit perfectly inside a crunchy shell and will have your mouth salivating for more. But worry not, the next on the list calls itself “Dr. Hook’s” and has no problem being anyone’s’ second! This comes with another mix of the quintessential time-honored breakfast ingredients such as Cherrywood thick cut bacon, eggs, and a 3 cheese blend. That last on the list of Swabbies’ new, redefined meal goes by the name of “Captain Morgan’s”. These tacos aim directly towards the hardy brunch lovers out there that don’t mind a tough meal such as this one. The Captain Morgan comes with a crispy shell that can withhold 12ounces of T-bone steak, eggs and cheese. To live up to the name, these breakfast tacos will be served up with a cold glass of Captain Morgan’s and OJ for just $2 extra. You can also add a side of hot tater tots to any breakfast taco for just $1.99 extra.

So gather the family or friends and come on down to Swabbies for brunch, every Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am to Noon. You don’t want to miss out on the fun!


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