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Swabbies Breakfast Specials

Great Breakfast Specials at Swabbies

Swabbies’ has many different facets of their menu. From whiskey & Coke deals to Taco Tuesdays! The menu at Swabbies is pouring with delicious weekend and weekday specials that will have anyone coming back for more. Swabbies invites friends and families to come on down to the river and take a dive in delectable dishes such as Swabbies’ Famous Tacos, Cheese Burger in Paradise, or some hot wings with fresh fries! Although Swabbies features some delightful lunch and dinner platters, the world must not forget about Swabbies exquisitely enticing breakfast specials.

The breakfast menu at Swabbies showcases meals for everybody’s breakfast or brunch preferences. From savory and spicy to tantalizingly tasty, there is unquestionably a dish out there for you. For brunch lovers with a more hardy approach to their pallet, Swabbies serves up a mighty Breakfast Burrito consisting of appetizing ingredients such as scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, cheese blends, and tater tots all topped off with mouthwatering sausage gravy! The towering concoction is big enough to share but delicious enough to keep all for yourself. Aside from the brawny brunch’s department, Swabbies breakfast menu also shows off its syrupy sweet side by delivering their guests with a melt-in-your-mouth drizzling and juicy French toast dish. “The Bran Y” is an irresistible medley of triple thick bread dipped in cinnamon-y sweet egg batter which is then fried and dusted off with powdered sugar as a sprinkled, indulgent treat. This rich platter can be enjoyed with either three thick cut bacon slices or two patty sausages. Who wouldn’t enjoy such a scrumptious meal?

Breakfast specials aren’t just about keeping your mouth happy but also your wallet. Swabbies’ has got your back with complimentary mimosas served with every brunch entrée, making it all the more easier to leap right into a tempting meal. Come on down to Swabbies on the River to enjoy famous food along with famous prices. With a view of the Sacramento River, spacious and striking outdoor seating and venue, unbeatable breakfast specials, and a friendly staff, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be seeing you this weekend!


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