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Swabbies’ Breakfast Cocktails

Start the Weekend Right with Breakfast Cocktails at Swabbies

While weekday mornings consist of a five-minute shower, a quick gulp of to-go coffee, and rush hour traffic, weekends should be saved for sleeping in until almost noon, a long relaxing bath, and a filling brunch. After a week of hard work, we all deserve to wake up to a giant breakfast burrito, some sausages, sizzling bacon, and eggs that are scrambled to perfection. To make your weekend brunches extra special,  head down to Swabbies and partner your hearty meal with a sip or two of these amazingly delicious breakfast cocktails.

  1. Captain Morgan & OJ

What is a satisfying brunch without orange juice? Spike the classic pulpy goodness that we have all known and loved with a bit of rum. The citrus delight mixed with good old Captain Morgan, will give you just the right buzz to start your weekend right. Aye aye, Captain, indeed!

  1. Mimosa

We will never forget one of the classic breakfast cocktails, Mimosa. If you are feeling classy and sophisticated this weekend, why not take a hint of champagne with your bacon and eggs? A sip of Swabbies’ Mimosa, a marriage of Opera Prima Brute Champagne and Orange Juice, is more than enough to unwind you from the stress of the week before.

  1. Bloody Mary

A touch of Mama’s house-made Bloody Mary on your lips will energize you for the events of the upcoming weekend. Whether you are nursing a hangover from the night before, or you just want to try another classic brunch drink, you can never go wrong with a Bloody Mary.

  1. Irish Coffee

Coffee lovers unite! If you are a caffeine addict who just cannot go through the day without a cup of Joe, Swabbies has a special treat for you. What better way to add a twist to your weekend brunch coffee than with a splash of Irish whiskey?


Grown-ups deserve grown-up breakfasts. This weekend, ditch the milk and cereal, and try some of Swabbies’s iconic brunch alongside classic breakfast cocktails. Visit us at Swabbies so we can show you how an adult weekend breakfast should be done. Swabbies’ brunch menu is available all year long every Saturday’s and Sunday’s from 9:00 AM to noon.  And here’s some friendly advice: make sure to designate a driver before coming!

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