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Seafood Dishes at Swabbies

Great Seafood Dishes On The River

Swabbies houses some of the most appetizing, tasty, and all around enjoyable seafood dishes in the Sacramento area. Seafood holds many health benefits for mankind with one being that many fish are pack full of vitamins and essential nutrients such as A, B, D, magnesium, biotin, omega-3 fatty acids, etc. Additionally, the National Institute of Health even suggests that a four-ounce piece of salmon is one of the highest natural sources of omega-3! So, health benefits aside, seafood also serves an even greater purpose and this one tends to be more delectable. Swabbies wants to treat you, your friends, and family to all the right kind of seafood served in the most tempting and savory way.

One dish to expect to pop out of the menu is Swabbies’ Sriracha Cod Bites. These savory choppers are cod bites that are lathered in a spicy Sriracha breading served with fries. Adding in the Sriracha really packs a tangy punch to the dish. The fresh and juicy interior lathered by a crunchy and zesty exterior is the perfect collaboration. These bite-sized appetizers are sure to get your taste-buds ready for any main dish. Of course, seafood can also be served up as a practical yet completely satisfying entrée! Swabbies’ Albacore Tuna Sandwich is a crowd-pleasing plate. This sandwich starts off with a mountain of tuna stuffed inside a grilled roll with flavorsome additives such as mayo, tomato, lettuce, and onions! The velvety smooth texture of the tuna alongside delectable condiments will not only entice you, but also fulfill all expectations for a more than satisfying meal!

Another way to correctly appreciate seafood is to fry it! Beer Battered Fish and Chips is one of the most popular seafood dishes and is definitely a staple item when you’re dining on the river.  This seafood recipe holds all its power in the Corona beer batter. Adding beer into the mix gives the finished product hints of crisp bitterness that will leave you wanting more. This delectable dish is served with fresh fries and Swabbies’ own homemade tater sauce.

Swabbies on the River invites you down to try out not only their exquisite seafood dishes, but also their fan favorites and classics such as their Famous Fish Tacos, Philly Steaks, Burgers, and more! Swabbies is sure to serve up a full-flavored experience that you won’t forget!

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