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#Ahoy! Important PSA (pirate service announcement) and answers to some FAQs:

Swabbies is ecstatic to return to some normalcy! Please read the information provided here on what to expect during this unprecedented time. Please have patience and understanding when enjoying outdoor dining along the river with us.

Covid-19 Guideline

  • Feeling sick, have fever or cough? Do not enter.
  • High risk public should continue shelter in place. Curb-side pick-up still available.
  • Wearing a mask or face covering is encouraged, one needs to be in your possession#. A mask/face covering must be worm in indoor area like restrooms.
  • Tables stay spaced 6ft apart! DO NOT MOVE TABLES!
  • Please wait to be seated.
  • Please practice physical distancing in lines and in general.
  • Please practice frequent hand washing and sanitizing*.

*Complementary hand sanitizer on-site
#Bandanas for face covering available for sale

Please Note

  • Our employees have been trained for operating under guidelines for COVID-19.
  • Increased sanitation for restrooms and high use areas will be practiced.
  • Meal must be purchased for table use and alcohol service.
  • If table seating is full, TO-GO orders will still be accepted 7 days a week.
  • Indoor area with bar and seating is closed. The outdoor Pirate bar is closed temporarily – only outdoor table seating is available.
  • Please help consider others and practice common sense COVID-19 guidelines – blatant disregard of these guidelines will result in warnings and possible loss of dine-in privileges.


Expect Swabbies’ free parking area to be busy or full during mid-day and early dinner times. Pay parking at the boat launch is currently open, cars without trailers need to AVOID spaces designated for boats. Uber/Lyft is recommended during peak times. Boats at guest dock and bikes are welcome and we will help find space as needed.

NO Reservations

Swabbies is operating on a first come first serve basis. Please be prepared to wait while maintaining social distance for a table – moving tables is NOT allowed. Please call 916-920-8088, or check online news feed before arrival during peak mid-day times, especially on weekends. Policies and practices may change week by week due to COVID-19.


Large band live music is on hold until we get our sea legs back, rules changed, and the crew is ready for the safest service possible while maintaining physical distance. Solo/duet acoustic music MAY start once we get an understanding for the demand, and for what’s safest for our employees and the public. We wish we can safely book the most awesome bands, and the big, top quality talents everyone is used to right now, but we would likely have to turn hundreds to thousands of people away – due to pent up demand, and approximately half of our seating being adjusted for physical distance.



Rules can change for better or worse every week – we are practicing daily adjustments for the safest, most comfortable & fun environment for everyone. Please be patient and stay tuned.

We welcome all your comments and suggestions.
Email: [email protected]