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Brunch at Swabbies

Come Down For Brunch at Swabbies on the River

“Brunch” is a term that was coined for the sheer necessity to identify such a fulfilling mid-day meal.  Ever since, it has become more popular than ever. When brunch comes into topic, more comes to mind than just endless mimosas. The significance of this meal comes from the fact that it has always been used as a gateway to entertainment, great company, and delicious food. Swabbies on the River in Sacramento, serves up a pretty enticing brunch menu that leaves any hardy meal lover on the edge of their seat. All hungry crowds are welcomed to brunch at Swabbies!

For the meat lovers out there, Swabbies brunch menu does not hold back when it comes to the juicy and savory delicacy of meats. One of the plates delivers a mouth-watering “The Doctor Hook” which consists of everything meaty from a hand breaded chicken fried steak topped with homemade country gravy, 3 scrambled eggs, to a side of bacon or ham for a little extra. This dish not only redefines a “hardy meal” but also puts together everything delicious all onto one plate.

On the opposite, yet still delicious, side of the spectrum, brunch at Swabbies also satisfies all veggie lovers out there. One of the tempting and ever-so-inviting vegetarian dishes served during brunch is called the Faceplant Omelet. The fascinating concoction is composed of onions, red and green peppers, tomatoes, cheddar/jack cheese all stuffed into a freshly made omelet and graciously served with a side of hash browns or country potatoes.  Nothing gets better than cheesy veggies and fried potatoes.

For the brunch-goers that likes breaking the rules and going for an extra exciting dish; Brunch at Swabbies has just as much fun catering to your sweet tooth, as you do indulging in it. For example, Swabbies delivers syrupy sweet French toast fresh off the grill made with Texas toast topped off with melted butter, drizzled in maple syrup, and a side of bacon. This candied breakfast meal is the perfect way to not only nourish the ever-lasting temptation of cinnamon induced treats, but also leaves your pallet generously fulfilled.

With options for the whole gang, Swabbies becomes the best sit-down dining and group friendly eatery in Sacramento to celebrate the superb tradition of brunch food. With other bonuses to entertain at Swabbies such as live music, river front view, and an outdoor venue, it will be easy to make the choice to stop by and enjoy!

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