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The Best of Local Restaurants

Swabbies: One of the Best Local Restaurants in the Sacramento Area

Sacramento is a large and expansive city with buildings ranging from small mom and pop shops to tall buildings dotting the downtown skyline. Sacramento is unique due to the diversity of businesses with each store, restaurant or office having its own great contribution to the history and richness of the city. As we all know food is what brings people together within cultures and across cultural boundaries. Sacramento has restaurants to suit any palate ranging from traditional American fare to Ethiopian cuisine. With so many different types of food and restaurants to fulfill ones appetite, Sacramento has become an impressive food destination. These local restaurants are the cornerstone of the city. For a restaurant that is famous for its food and carefree atmosphere make sure to stop by Swabbies on the River!

With such an appetizing and savory menu with the tastiest foods for anytime of the day or week, it’s no wonder Swabbies has become the destination for all things delectable. The selection ranges from astounding appetizers to delightful brunches and delicious lunches. Swabbies is bringing a heavenly waterfront feel to the city. The outside seating, located right on the Sacramento River, gives diners a view of the rushing water and passing boats. Tapping even more into the earthy, streamside feel, Swabbies hosts Fish Taco Fridays each week for their regulars and new customers to revel in what they are most famously known for.

With more than just food to offer, there are also tribute bands that play on the weekends on the outdoor stage that only gets better with the 19 beers on tap to continuously enjoy. Local restaurants such as Swabbies really bring the community together as they offer an endless list of things to enjoy. The riverfront location gives diners an authentic atmosphere that you will not find anywhere else. So if you are looking for family friendly local restaurants to enjoy great food and spend time with friends then Swabbies is the place for you.


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