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Booked Artist Promotion

Congratulations on booking your show at Swabbies on the River! You are about to play one of the hottest, most popular seasonal live music venues in Sacramento. We strive all year round to get the word out about all the artists that we host to attract new fans and return customers alike. We put great time, money and effort into making sure that our customers know the artists that we host and what they can expect when they spend their money to support live music. That being said, we cannot do it without your help. In order to make sure that your band’s best foot is forward, we require as much marketing care from you as we give every week. Please follow these standard procedures upon confirmation of your show at Swabbies on the River. Have a great show!

Booked Artist Submission

You may provide a website page link here - for us to download your promotional artwork - or upload them here. We prefer artwork without large logos or written text on them, as this will impede our ability to promo you on Facebook with their 20% text on graphic rules. Thank you!

Standard Stuff:

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Additional Information:

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Questions or inquiry:

Please email: [email protected]

Downloadable Forms:

Swabbies logo files are available at the Downloads Page Here!